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2013-06-01 22:30


Some days ago I wanted to learn some css stuff from a site, I changed some css style to see what it turns to. After 10 minutes after I got tired when I have to change the source again and again in the browser. So I googled to find what kind of tools can be used to download files from a site, but I can’t find anything satisfied. So after searched github I found I can do it myself with little work.

Here comes the SpeedSpider, it’s A simple and speedy web spider for site pages downloading.


It turns out wget can do all the jobs I wanted except it doest not use threads. So wget way may be slower than SpeedSpider. You can download bootstrap page with code below.

wget -m -p -E -k -np http://twitter.github.io/bootstrap

SpeedSpider was made with below in mind

  • download files from a site with a start url
  • option for downloading part site obeying a base url, any page not starts with base_url will not be downloaded
  • assets files like css, js, image and font should be downloaded besides html files, and not obey base_url rule
  • image file include in css file should be download
  • url from site other than the start url should not be downloaded
  • download files should be save with the same structure with the origin site


install it with rubygem:

gem install 'speed_spider'


Usage: spider [options] start_url

    -S, --slient                     slient output
    -D, --dir String                 directory for download files to save to. "download" by default
    -b, --base_url String            any url not starts with base_url will not be saved
    -t, --threads Integer            threads to run for fetching pages, 4 by default
    -u, --user_agent String          words for request header USER_AGENT
    -d, --delay Integer              delay between requests
    -o, --obey_robots_text           obey robots exclustion protocol
    -l, --depth_limit                limit the depth of the crawl
    -r, --redirect_limit Integer     number of times HTTP redirects will be followed
    -a, --accept_cookies             accept cookies from the server and send them back?
    -s, --skip_query_strings         skip any link with a query string? e.g. http://foo.com/?u=user
    -H, --proxy_host String          proxy server hostname
    -P, --proxy_port Integer         proxy server port number
    -T, --read_timeout Integer       HTTP read timeout in seconds
    -V, --version                    Show version


spider http://twitter.github.io/bootstrap/

It will download all files within the same domain as twitter.github.io, and save to download/twitter.github.io/.

spider -b http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.0/ http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.0/

It will only download urls start with http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.0/, notice assets files like image, css, js, font will not obey base_url rule.

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